Why Choose My Blue Cottage?

Our Mission and Values

A more joyful life starts with the home you create for your family

My Blue Cottage is a home goods family business offering high-quality goods that are made with natural, sustainable materials and handcrafted with love by talented artisans around the world.

Organized homes bring calmness, comfort and relaxation. We carefully choose products that are versatile and bring peace and happiness to your family home. It is our mission to help you simplify and declutter your life with products that are beautiful and multifunctional.

The values we stand by and our promise to you are:

QUALITY - We take pride on offering Turkish towels and blankets that are made from premium materials and handcrafted in Turkey with the most care so you get the finest products.

COMFORT - Our Turkish towels and blankets are the softest ones you will ever own so you can create and enjoy a cozy home.

VERSATILITY - We sell Turkish towels and blankets that are useful and make homes less cluttered and travel feel lighter. 

SIMPLICITY - We like to keep things as simple as possible. We carefully handpick our collections to offer you just the right amount of options and avoid overwhelm.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us in the journey to live more intentionally with less - less clutter, less toxins, less overwhelm, so you can have space for what truly matters.


rose pink chevron blanket spread on white bed